the importance of working with a Tenant rep broker


The facts are that most people rent office space only a few times during an entire business career. Conversely, landlords lease office space for a living - time and time again. Furthermore, in most cases they will hire a Landlord Broker to advise them, help them market the office property and ultimately get a tenant to occupy the office space on the most favorable terms for them. So, on the face of things, the Landlord seems to have a distinctly unfair advantage. The only way to balance things out is to engage the services of Hinkins R.E.A.

Tenant representation - the bottom line

When it comes to finding the right office space - and then negotiating the best deal - a good Tenant Rep Broker will not only make sure you don't make any mistakes but will also save you money over the term of the lease.

Moving OfficE?

Hinkins R.E.A has office leasing agents in San Francisco and via a strategic alliance with Trimark Commercial Real Estate we provide an unparalleled level of consulting and tenant representation services throughout the Bay Area. 


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